5th and 6th Grade Students Enjoy Science Field Day at Rockford Lake

September 17, 2019 31 comments Aaron Delhay Categories Uncategorized

The Freeman fifth and sixth grade classes attended a science field day at Rockford Lake between Filley and Beatrice on Friday, September 13, 2019 in order to gain hands on experiences based on the new Nebraska science state standards related to water and systems. Kevin Holliday, Regional Park Superintendent, Nebraska Game and Parks, Matt Seitz Conservation Officer, Nebraska Game and Parks, Charlie Pierce and Jane Kuhl of the Nemaha Natural Resources District, Annette Wiese, Patrick Brommer and Matt Dworak of ESU 5 and Sara Cooper of the Nebraska Department of Education and ESU 5 all gave their time so our students could have this experience. The students participated in 6 rotations during the day all based on water. Each group spent two sessions fishing and one session each learning how to test water for nitrates, understand surface tension of water, aquifer study and understanding usable water vs all water on earth. It was wonderful to have the ability to offer our students this opportunity.

Three students caught their first ever fish, while gaining a better understanding of water management, the water cycle and food chains. Our group caught 53 fish which were identified, weighed, measured and then released. The two aquifer lessons were paired together so students could begin to understand how limited of a resource water is, and the importance of preserving clean water for all Nebraskans. The water testing lesson allowed students to compare different water sources and the surface tension lesson was an awesome way to have students understand how that skin type layer on water allows it to be used by plants and animals alike. Additional thanks goes out to Duane Lenners and Darren Podtburg for driving and helping the kids fish throughout the day, as well as Mike Yates, Kary Archer, Dayna Anderson and Sherri Stanley for their leadership during the day. We will be building on these experiences and expanding on them with our classroom study over the next six weeks. Thanks to our Freeman Administration team for their support of this outdoor learning day.

-Mr. Floth