Freeman Strengths Ambassadors

April 29, 2021 4 comments Teri Nieveen Categories Uncategorized

One part of the Freeman Strengths program is the use of student ambassadors. This year twenty-one
students volunteered to be a strengths ambassador. Strengths ambassadors meet several times
throughout the year for additional training and activities. Ambassadors are to be models of using
strengths in the classroom, Falcon Families, and in extra-curricular activities. Ambassadors also help with
organizing and developing materials and activities. We ended the year with a Zoom session with Shaun
Edgecomb, a junior and Student Strengths Coach at UNL. All ambassadors received a certificate and our
seniors received the book CliftonStrengths for Students.
This was a difficult year to use our ambassadors to their fullest potential, but we are confident they will
be strengths leaders in the future. We thank the following students for being our 2020-21 Strengths
Ambassadors: Ian Alberts, Tristan Sugden, Meredith Ruyle, Afton Buhr, Emma Hemminger, Talor
Anderson, Haden Otto, Alex Podtburg, Jenna Husband, Talisa, Buhr, Kellen Anderson, Amber Dorn,
Kailey Otto, Megan Nelson, Briana Lowell, Brooklyn Ideus, Summer Buss, Camryn Beebe, Grace
VanEngen, Faith Holland, and Holden Ruse.