Freeman TeamMates Attends the Spring Game

April 14, 2022 no comments Teri Nieveen Categories Uncategorized

It was a beautiful day for a football scrimmage, and TeamMates of Freeman was happy to be able to attend! Sixteen mentees and eleven mentors loaded the bus the morning of April 9th and headed for Lincoln.  Our TeamMates board members took good care of us by providing a light lunch before heading to Memorial Stadium and supplying snacks for the ride home.  DeMoine Adams, CEO of TeamMates, checked in on us and joined us for a picture. We enjoyed the game and all the activities that took place around us. Perhaps the most entertaining part of the day was watching the hot dogs fly through the air, hoping someone in our group would be close enough to grab one! We undoubtedly had the best dressed bus driver of the day with mentor Gary Kroese, who was part of the Eastern Nebraska Barbershop group who sang the National Anthem. Another mentor, Jay Nieveen, also sang with the group. It was nice to once again be able to attend the spring game as a group and mingle as mentors and mentees.