Learning What is Right About You

November 21, 2019 1,494 comments Aaron Delhay Categories Uncategorized

Wouldn’t you love to hear what is right about you? TeamMates believes in focusing on the positive by learning about our Strengths, specifically, CliftonStrengths. Allyson Horne and Tess Starman of TeamMates Central Office joined our TeamMates of Freeman chapter on November 18, early in the morning and also Monday evening to provide Strengths training to our mentors. Our Freeman chapter
is a strengths chapter, where our mentors and mentees learn their top CliftonStrengths, and how to visit with one another about their strengths. Research shows a positive correlation a mentee looking forward to a visit by his/her mentor and his/her levels of hope, engagement, and well-being. We learn what is right about each other. CliftonStrengths is a focus in Freeman Public Schools so Ally and Tess also presented to the staff during the day. Would you like to be difference maker for a student? Check it out at TeamMates.org. We have students waiting for a mentor at Freeman!


-Mrs. Nieveen