Strengths Ambassadors and Nelnet

November 18, 2021 no comments Teri Nieveen Categories Uncategorized

Our Freeman Strengths Ambassadors had the unique opportunity to work with Audrey Erker of Nelnet.  Erker lined up individual coaching sessions through Zoom with our student ambassadors and herself and other strengths coaches. On Monday, November 15, Audrey came to Adams and led our ambassadors through a two-and-a-half hour strengths workshop. The ambassadors learned more about how their strengths are unique to them and about those strengths not in their top five.  This was an excellent learning opportunity and we are thankful for Erker and her willingness to partner with our Freeman Strengths Ambassadors.

Freeman Strengths Ambassadors are: Kellen Anderson, Taylor Carnell, Ian Alberts, Talisa Buhr, Kailey Otto, Grace VanEngen, Alex Podtburg, Summer Buss, Grace Vandergriend, Autumn Schoen, Megan Nelson, Meredith Ruyle, Jenna Anderson, Faith Holland, Grace Ketelsen, and Catie Reed.