The Mysteries of Christmas Explained by Science

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By Mrs. Marker and Mrs. Garten’s Kindergarten science classes

Our Kindergarten Science this week helped us to answer a few
burning questions about Santa and his reindeer. We worked like
scientists first by identifying the questions, then watched a video of
real scientists and how they gathered information to answer these
questions for us. Here are our hypotheses. And if you’d like to find
out the Scientific explanation of these Christmas phenomena, the
link to the video can be HERE.
1. How does Santa get to all of the houses in 1 night?
 Lane and Harrison – Santa has a lot of magic, he puffs them with
power that makes the reindeer fly.
 Braxtyn and Bently – He flies to one house and jumps out to each
house really fast.
 Izzy and Annabelle – Santa has an air conditioner in the sleigh to
make him warm and that’s how he goes. He rides really fast with
the reindeer.
 Charlie and Keaton – Santa can run really fast to every house and
drops the presents into the chimney. The elf puts magic on the
sleigh and it goes speedy fast.
 Lexie and Kylie – He gets to all of the houses because of
Christmas Spirit.
 Josie and Easton – The elves go with him and they hand the
presents to Santa from the sleigh. The elves push the sleigh to
make it go faster.
 Alex and Ethan – He uses all of his reindeer to make his sleigh go
faster. and the magic Christmas star to make his sleigh go fast.
 Micah and Neeley – His sleigh goes so fast and he throws the
presents down so fast and he gets back up out of there so fast.
 Morgan and Annaleigh – Santa

 Evy and Chloe – There is magic in his hat and magic in the collar
and that makes them go so fast. So he shouldn’t lose it or he
can’t get to all of the houses.
 Jack B and Elsie – The elves help Santa and his sleigh has
reindeer that go fast and when he raises the reigns he goes
 Nolan and Quinten – There is a magic star that makes it go fast
and there’s a little diamond star that glows and that makes the
sleigh so fast
 Madi and Kinley – The reindeer and elves ride the reindeer and
Santa gives the presents to the elves and they take them down
the chimney.

2. Why don’t we see him deliver presents?
 Braxtyn and Bently – He comes at night time and we’re asleep.
 Izzy and Annabelle – He is really quiet when he walks.
 Charlie and Keaton – We’re asleep and he is really quiet.
 Lexie and Kylie – He walks really quiet and doesn’t wake us up.
 Josie and Easton – Santa is really quiet under the tree and Santa
is so fast that we don’t even see him.
 Lane and Harrison – We are all asleep or we are up in our
bedroom and not by the tree.
 Micah and Neeley – Because it’s midnight and we’re sleeping.
 Morgan and Annaleigh – Santa won’t come if you’re awake.
 Evy and Chloe – He won’t come if you’re awake.
 Jack B and Elsie – He is very quiet so he doesn’t wake you up.
 Nolan and Quinten – He sneaky and goes Ziggy zoom past every
house and he’s really fast so you can’t even see him.
 Madi and Kinely – He is really sneaky put the presents down so
fast that you don’t even see him.
 Alex and Ethan – He senaks really quiet when we’re sleeping and
we don’t even know it when we’re sleeping and he tips toes
through the house.

3. How does he fit down the chimney?
 Keaton and Izzy – He pushes his tummy back.
 Kylie and Braxtyn – He’s not really fat. I’ve seen the real Santa
before and he’s skinny.
 Annabelle and Easton – He points his finger to get down the
 Bently and Lane – He actually is not fat because I’ve seen him in
real life and he’s really skinny.
 Harrison and Jack – He holds onto a rope. He points and it
makes him go down.
 Charlie, Josie, and Lexie – Santa is skinny. He pours water on
himself and that makes him slippery to go down the hole.
 Nolan and Madi – The elves shove him down the chimney and
then they throw the presents down after him.
 Kinley and Chloe – We think Santa turns small because he’s
 Evy and Annaleigh – He finds a bigger chimney and the elves
throw the presents down to him.
 Jack and Neeley – We think that he throws the bag down first so
he doesn’t smoosh them. He sucks in his tummy and he goes
 Morgan and Elsie – We think he has magic in his belly.
 Micah and Quinten – He sucks his belly in and then he drops
himself in and he drops his bag in.
 Alex and Ethan – He pushed his bag down with him and he gets
smaller and smaller and he delivers presents and comes back up
without breaking the chimney. He puts his whole body in first
then he puts the presents.

4. How does Rudolph’s nose glow?
 Keaton and Izzy – It has a light in it that glows in the dark. There
is magic in it.
 Kylie and Braxtyn – It has sparkles in it.
 Annabelle and Easton – It has a little light in it.

 Bently and Lane – It is so bright that it just shines.
 Harrison and Jack – There’s a light in his nose. When he was a
baby a queen used it’s powers to make his nose glow.
 Charlie, Josie, and Lexie – He was born with a glowing nose and
he had a little ball of glow that went up into his nose. He had
glowing bones that went up into his nose.
 Nolan and Madi – He has a red light inside of his nose.
 Kinley and Chloe – It’s a magic bulb that sticks on his nose.
 Evy and Annaleigh – There’s a red light inside of the ball and it
glows and he turns it on.
 Jack and Neeley – He has a light bulb and when it glows when it
is dark outside.
 Morgan and Elsie – He has nailpolish and glitter on nhis nose.
 Micah and Quinten – When it’s night time he turns on a switch
and it glows from a light bulb.
 Alex and Ethan – We think when it’s light it glows up and when it’s
moring it turns off and he has magic to make it glow and to turn