"Serving the students of today for their lives tomorrow."

"Serving the students of today for their lives tomorrow."

Freeman Public Schools will collaboratively engage a community of learners so that students will become productive, respectful, and responsible citizens.

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SCHOOL HISTORY Freeman Public Schools

Freeman Public Schools is a rural PreK-12 district, covering approximately 280 square miles, created by the consolidation of Adams and Filley Public Schools in 1998. The school attendance center, located in Adams, is approximately 25 miles southeast of Lincoln. Freeman Public Schools consists of a Pre-School Program for 4 year olds, a Kindergarten through 6th Grade Elementary, a 7th and 8th Grade Junior High, and a 9th through 12th Grade High School. Freeman Public Schools employs over 65 certified and classified staff members to serve the children and families within the district. Freeman’s current facilities have been created through five separate building projects ranging from the 1960’s through 2013.











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Freeman Video Update

On a monthly basis, Freeman provides an update of upcoming events, events that are currently going on, and any other pertinent information within the Freeman community. These videos also feature small interviews with students within the district as a way to get the students involved in our message.


It's hard to believe this is my 15th year at Freeman. Ralph Waldo Emerson once said "Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm." I think this is one of the reasons Freeman Public Schools is so successful. The students, patrons and staff here at Freeman bring enthusiasm to every area. Analytical-Harmony-Relator-Empathy-Deliberative
"I believe in a learning environment in which students feel comfortable, where expectations and rules are consistent and clear. It is important to me that students feel safe and comfortable enough to ask questions and be themselves. I also believe that all children can and will learn. Children learn through many different learning styles, and it is very important to me that I teach using many different methods to reach all children. I let children know that I want them to do their PERSONAL BEST! Not only do students learn as individuals, but students also work and learn together, making the most out of their day. We are a team in First Grade! Teams work together, and together, everyone achieves more success. " Includer-Consistency-Responsibility-Harmony-Discipline
"I am entering my ninth year of teaching science at Freeman. Classes that I am currently teaching are high school Anatomy & Physiology, Weather & Climate, Forensic Science and junior high Science 7 and Science 8. My passion as a teacher is to develop my students into caring, educated minds who will be able to feel confident as they leave our district. I am married to Joe, who runs the Russ's Market in Havelock, and we have a two year-old daughter, Avrie. My life outside of work is busy raising Avrie and developing her into a smart, caring, well-rounded little lady. I am fortunate enough to watch her grow and learn every single day! Her joy for life makes me the happiest mom! My top five strengths, in order, are Deliberative, Achiever, Relator, Analytical, and Responsibility. I think these strengths speak for themselves, and if you know me, you'd definitely have a new understanding of why I am the way I am once you've seen that these are my strengths. "
"I became a teacher to positively impact student lives and prepare them for the future. "In an age of immediate gratification, we need to be extremely intentional about teaching young people the value of fighting to overcome adversity and embracing the struggle for success" - 3D Coaching My husbands name is Travis and I have two sons named Kash and Knox. We enjoy supporting the Huskers, working on the farm, and being involved with our church." Belief-Discipline-Achiever-Learner-Responsibility
"All kids need is a little help, a little hope, and somebody who believes in them." ~Magic Johnson Over 20 years ago I decided that every child needs to feel loved, accepted, and respected so I became a teacher who would make a difference! I have two children myself who are both in high school; therefore, my hobby is following their activities.

Freeman Core Concepts

Freeman acknowledges that our students and staff members have many choices in front of them each day. Freeman intends to bring an awareness to our entire school community moving forward regarding the fact that our lives are the result of our CHOICES.



Acting with honor, making great choices when no one is looking, being a positive role model, practicing positive citizenship.



Being considerate of others and others' property, taking care of our own mind and body, talking to others-not about them.



Taking responsibility for our actions, no secrets, not blaming others, having pride in our decisions.



Having empathy, thinking before taking action, weighing options, being thoughtful of others' feelings.

It is the policy of Freeman Public Schools not to discriminate on the basis of gender, disability, race, color, religion, marital status, age or national origin in its education programs, administration, policies, employment or other district programs.