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Strengths at Freeman Public Schools focuses on identifying the individual strengths of students and staff and developing those strengths to build relationships, form strong teams, and make a difference in the world they live in.


StrengthsFinder Description and Links

CliftonStrengths is a Gallup assessment tool developed by Don Clifton. It is used to identify a person’s top 5 out of 34 themes of talent and shows people how to succeed by developing their talents into strengths.

Find more information at Gallup’s website.


StrengthsExplorer Description and Links

Identifying and supporting a child’s talents is a challenging, lifelong opportunity for parents and educators. StrengthsExplorer helps kids ages 10-14 discover their top 3 out of 10 talents. With the help of Freeman teachers and Gallup resources, our 5th – 8th grade students can use StrengthsExplorer to develop their talents into strengths.

Find more information at Gallup’s website.

Recent Events

Strengths Discovery Day

Strengths Discovery Day was February 19. All students PreK-12 and all staff received a Freeman Strengths t-shirt, then had a kick-off in the north gym, including an all-school picture.  The full day of workshops, lead by teachers and other guests, helped us discover, learn, and use our individual strengths. The Kindergarten through fourth grade students were divided into three groups while grades five through twelve were divided into four groups.   A total of fourteen different sessions were presented.

Our keynote for the day was DeMoine Adams, former Husker football player and the program director for TeamMates Mentoring Program.  Adams spoke of the importance of focusing on your strengths, not on your weaknesses. Our guest panel, including Andrew Johansen of E Energy Adams, Sara Brune of Striv TV, and Brian Rosenthal, Writer and Creative Content Specialist for, explained how they use their top five strengths on the job.  Other sessions included strengths discovery, strengths metaphors, strengths scavenger hunt, STEM activities, strengths spotting, and discovering how we use our strengths.  The day ended with a pep rally celebrating our strengths led by Mrs. Delhay, and included a timed blindfold race between Mrs. Sieh with the elementary student council and Mr. Delhay with the high school student council (Mr. Delhay won).

Strengths Discovery Day would not have been possible without the funding provided by Grant and Laura Francke, Nelnet, and grants from Midwest Farmer’s Cooperative and Nebraska Investment Finance Authority (NIFA).  For more Freeman Strengths information follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.  #freemanstrengths


Recap Video

Catapult Challenge Flipgrid Videos

Mrs. Sieh’s Blog Post Reflecting on This Event

Freeman Strengths Leaders

Committee Members

  • Tony Jensen, Chair
  • JD Dalrymple
  • Lisa Delhay
  • Bob Floth
  • Sammie Garton
  • Kristin Kroeker
  • Teri Nieveen
  • Jamie O’Connor
  • Aimee Parde
  • Chelsea Schaaf

Strengths Ambassadors

  • Peyton Winkle
  • Kaitlyn Otto
  • RaeAnn Hartwig
  • Brylie Hartwig
  • Taylor Anderson
  • Brooklyn Ideus
  • Camryn Beebe
  • Patrick Hundley
  • Grace VanEngen
  • Ian Alberts
  • Emme Weber
  • Atley Buhr
  • Natalie Boyer
  • Addi Dorn

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