TeamMates Program

TeamMates is a school-based, one-to-one mentoring program co-founded by Dr. Tom and Nancy Osborne. The focus of the mentoring relationship is for an adult volunteer to help build a positive relationship with a student so as to help them reach their full potential.

Did you know there are students in our district who are waiting for a mentor?

To become a TeamMates mentor, you must fulfill all of the following:

  • be 18 years of age
  • have a high school diploma or GED equivalent
  • be a citizen of the United States or have proper visa documentation
  • demonstrate a desire to participate in the program and abide by Team-Mates Mentoring Program's guidelines, policies, and procedures
  • be able to commit to three years of mentoring with the goal of continuing to mentor a young person through high school graduation.

Freeman TeamMates

  • MISSION: To impact the world by inspiring youth to reach their full potential.
  • VISION: To be the gold standard for school-based mentoring and serve 12,000 youth by 2020.
  1. Commitment to youth -- We are committed to serving youth with compassion and respect.
  2. Safety -- The safety and protection of the mentee and mentor is first priority.
  3. Integrity and Trust -- We are committed to integrity and trust in all relationships.
  4. Inclusion -- We are committed to the inclusion of mentees and mentors from diverse backgrounds.
  • TEAMMATES PHILOSOPHY: All youth can benefit from a mentoring relationship. Whether in a formal relationship such as TeamMates or an informal relationship such as a neighbor or relative, we believe everyone needs a positive role model to provide guidance and wisdom.  The role of a mentor is to identify the strengths and talents of a student.
  • SCHOOL BASED: TeamMates is a school-based program– meaning that matches meet at the school during school hours and during the school year. Meeting at the school provides a safe, neutral environment with games, activities and resources to help support the match.
  • MATCH SUPPORT: TeamMates has tons of resources for mentors to feel successful throughout their mentoring journey. Each school with a TeamMates program is equipped with a building coordinator. This person is there to not only work at the school, but to be a guide for the match relationship. If a mentor has a question about anything, they can meet with the building coordinator at any point. also has toolkits and resources for mentors when dealing with topics such as financial sustainability, scholarships, high school, activity ideas, grief, immigration, dealing with difficult issues, suicidal thoughts, and understanding poverty. These resources are constantly being updated on the Mentor Resource Library.
  • NEED FOR MENTORS: TeamMates is always looking for adult volunteers (mentors) who want to build a positive relationship with a student in order to help them reach their full potential. You can start mentoring at anytime during the school year.  By volunteering just one time a week mentors build a friendship with the student, and provide support, encouragement and guidance.  Mentors must be 18 or over and have a high school degree or GED equivalent.
  • HOW TO SIGN UP: Apply by completing an application - link in the link column   2. Train  3. Meet your mentee.  If you have any questions about how to become a mentor please contact TeamMates at 1-877-531-8326 or contact Freeman School at 1-402-988-2525.
  • YOUTH: A youth in the TeamMates Mentoring Program is called a mentee.  Youth in the TeamMates Mentoring Program are identified for their strengths and have expressed a desire to have a mentor.  The parents are the primary support and a mentor’s role is to provide additional support and encouragement.  Students self-nominate.  Students in grades five through twelve are eligible for TeamMates of Freeman.
  • ONE VISIT PER WEEK: Volunteer mentors meet at the school with the same student each week.   The goal is for the mentor to follow the same youth through high school graduation.
  • MENTORING ACTIVITIES – During weekly meetings, mentors focus on the strengths of youth and let youth take the lead in determining activities. Some matches work on homework, while others eat lunch, talk, work on a craft or go to the school gym.
  • REWARDS - Mentors often report that they feel they have received much more from the mentoring relationship than they have given.
  • IMPACT - TeamMates mentees consistently maintain or improve their grades, attendance, and behavior based on data collected through partnerships with local school districts. There is a positive correlation between a student looking forward to seeing their mentor and overall levels of hope, engagement and well-being.


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