4th Grade Science

October 2, 2020 no comments Lindsey Israelson Categories Uncategorized

This year in 4th grade science we will be implementing our second round of state vetted curriculums through our ESU.  Last year, we implemented our Community Waters unit and the students looked at the effects of flooding and how to help prevent flooding in our area.  This year, we will add our second curriculum looking at Waves.  We have already started looking at our Phenomenon about a shipping container being found ashore full of Doritos.  We have been trying to figure out how this shipping container got from a Cargo ship in the Atlantic Ocean to the shore of North Carolina.  These next weeks we will be testing our theories and hypotheses while looking at waves.

Another fun activity that we get to experience, which many 4th graders in our state don’t get to participate in, is dissecting worms.  Two weeks ago, the fourth graders were able to cut into a worm and look at the different “parts” that worms have.  This was a fun and smelly lesson led by our ESU “Science Guy” Patrick Brommer.  We learned about safety in dissection, being respectful of the process, and understanding worms just a little bit more.