7-12 Falcon Way

September 10, 2021 no comments Ashley Schlake Categories Uncategorized


At the beginning of the school year our High School Student Council assisted with the roll-out of the 7-12 Falcon Way to the entire student body through a series of fun skits.  The Falcon Way is a program used in the 7th through 12th grades that promotes positive behavior.  Each student is encouraged to display Respect, Integrity, and Pride.  These attributes create good leaders and a positive culture for Freeman and our community.

Each quarter the Falcon Way Committee and Stu-Co will collaborate to create a positive goal to work toward and then celebrate our successes.  Students are currently working to be on time to school and to each class throughout the day.  Any 7th-12th grader who has had no tardies through the end of September will receive a token for a free popcorn from the concession stand.

Encompassed within the 7-12 Falcon Way is also a referral process to document and communicate behaviors that do not meet our Falcon Way expectations.  If a student receives a referral in the Moderate or Major category the teacher giving the referral will send home, via email, a referral letter explaining the incident and any consequences assigned.  This increased communication will help us to create a partnership between school and home in which we are all working together to promote positive behavior at Freeman Jr./Sr. High.