5th and 6th Grade Math

October 8, 2019 8 comments Aaron Delhay Categories Uncategorized

It is hard to believe that the first quarter of the 2019-20 school year has come to an end at Freeman
Public School. The fifth and sixth graders at Freeman have been very busy during the quarter. Both
grades work on their basic math facts daily using the website XtraMath.com. This website evaluates and
places students at the appropriate levels and provides practice of facts up to 12 for addition,
subtraction, multiplication, and division.

So far this year, both the fifth and sixth graders have been working on Nebraska State Math Standards
related to number sense. Fifth graders have expressed whole numbers and decimals in standard form,
word form, and expanded form. They have compared whole numbers, fractions, mixed numbers, and
decimals. They have rounded whole numbers and decimals to any given place, and converted equivalent
forms of fractions, decimals, and percents. They have learned about and used powers of ten as well.
We are currently multiplying multi-digit numbers.

The sixth graders have also covered many topics during the past quarter. Those topics have included:
calculating common factors and multiples using lists and prime factorization, expressing numbers using
exponential notation, comparing and ordering integers, rational numbers, and absolute values. The
sixth graders are currently working on problem solving skills by solving problems that require working
backwards and using inverse operations.

Knowing your basic math facts is such an important skill in Math. It lays the foundation for success not
only in the upper elementary grades, but throughout the high school years as well. Please take time to
work with your child on these facts. Knowing them will make Math easier and take less time to

~Mike Yates