Freeman Elementary PBIS

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What is Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS)?

  1. Creates and maintains a safe and effective learning environment
  2. Ensures all students have social skills needed for success at school and beyond
  3. Provides a proactive system-wide framework for implementation

The Purpose of PBIS is to establish a climate in which appropriate behavior is the norm.

Implementing PBIS at Home

  • 5:1 positives to correction
  • Set the stage for success, rewards
  • Give clear, specific directions
  • Stay calm, use a calm voice
  • Set reasonable limits
  • Set consistent, Yes means Yes, No means No
  • Set example, actions speak louder than words
  • Proactively anticipate situation
  • Have patience, a little goes a long way
  • Have Fun and Enjoy the Ride!


Stop hitting! Please keep your hands to yourself.
Don’t say that! Please choose another word.
Quit whining and crying! Please use your words.
I can’t hear you. Please speak louder/more clearly
I won’t buy you that. Instead of that, what if we…
Don’t get upset. It’s okay to feel that way, but…
We have to stop playing. We have to leave.