Elementary Quiz Bowl Competes at Thayer Central

November 9, 2018 1,048 comments Aaron Delhay Categories Uncategorized

The Freeman Elementary 6th Grade Quiz Bowlers participated in their very first competition on Monday, November 5th, 2018.  The competition was held at Thayer Central Public School in Hebron, Ne.

Students participated in 5 rounds of competition with 16 questions each.  The questions were pulled from many categories, including geography, math, science,language arts, miscellaneous and current events.  Students ring in with buzzers to answer questions as they compete against the other team.  In this regard, it is not only knowledge based, speed plays a factor as well. Some of our students found out quickly that they should not overthink the question and go with their first gut feeling!

There were a total of 9 teams competing in the event, and Freeman came away with a 3rd place finish, only losing one match overall. Scoring is based on wins and losses, but total number of points is also taken into account for tie breaker situations.  It was a great experience for our students, and it really helped them to understand the process of how a quiz bowl works. They were a little shy about ringing in at first, but after their first matches they really showed their depth of knowledge!

Students will continue to practice weekly to prepare for the types of questions they may be asked during competition.  Our hope is to compete in 3 more events later this winter, which may include hosting our own Quiz Bowl at Freeman.
We are very proud of all of the hard work these students put in and how well they represented Freeman in their very first competition!
Quiz Bowl Participants:
Front Row (L to R)  Kierstin Rehrs, Derek Krause, Molly Flanagan, Kooper Lugenbeel, Lily Wiese, Ruby Goes, and Trevor Reed
Back Row( L to R) Mrs. Archer, Solomon Delhay, Brady Troxel, Jonah Metzger, Ella Archer, Rilyn Otto, Paige Christensen and Mrs. Ideus.  (not pictured: Mrs. Anderson)