Notes from Mr. Rumsey’s Room

October 12, 2020 no comments Ross Rumsey Categories Uncategorized

It is the 12th of October and we are nearing the end of a school quarter.  My 7th grade keyboarding students have done a great job of improving their typing skills, and a few of them are already faster typers than their teacher.  I will miss this class of 7th graders, but I look forward to the next group of 7th graders next quarter.  The Info tech class has been busy learning the components of a computer, Html, and Microsoft word.  Now we are getting started with my favorite software of the class, Excel.  In Personal Finance, our students are doing a great job of keeping an up to date checkbook register, and the importance of making smart financial decisions early in life.  The Personal Finance simulation project will be starting at the beginning of the 2nd quarter, and I am anxious to see who ends up on top the semester.  The Accounting class is full of spunky seniors that are doing a great job of keeping their debits and credits equal.  My Intro to Business class is having a fierce competition with the Marketing class in popcorn sale competition.  Each popcorn company has taken various strategic approaches to their business plans and so far each team is in the black.  I know that it will be close at the end of this semester, each class is doing a great job of applying class material to their businesses.

My Business law class has been entertaining with a great job of future litigators. Each day we discuss cases, law scenarios and new legal terminology that makes for great conversation.  

The FBLA students have just completed their first community activity with the paper Shredding Day held Saturday Oct 10th.  We had a great group of students practicing CDC social distancing and PPE guidelines while they helped the Community of Adams safely dispose of their paper records responsibly.   I have been blessed with great students eager to learn all year, I am looking forward to another 3 quarters of the same.