Strengths at Freeman

March 2, 2021 no comments Teri Nieveen Categories Uncategorized

Staff and students at Freeman continue to explore the world of CliftonStrengths. This month the staff
was challenged to name the strengths of an individual famous to Nebraskans. Each person had to do
this individually, then worked with a small group and finally with a large group to decide on the top five
strengths. Staff was then challenged to take this activity back to their classrooms to do with their
students, using a person or character relative to their area of study. It is an opportunity to explore the
34 CliftonStrengths (or 10 StrengthsExplorer) and learn about strengths outside of one’s own top

A community strengths session was held the evening of February 18. Community members attended in
person and via Zoom. The topic for the evening was setting goals using your strengths. So often we
focus on weaknesses and try to make them better, which often becomes a drudgery. What would
happen if you focus on something you are good at with the goal of making it even better? How can you
go from good to great, or better yet, from great to extraordinary? That was the discussion for the
evening. If you are interested in learning more about your strengths or how Freeman is using
CliftonStrengths, contact the school using the email: