Strengths News at Freeman

September 18, 2020 no comments Teri Nieveen Categories Uncategorized

FreemanStrengths continues into the new school year. The fifth grade students were excited to learn their top 3 strengths using StrengthsExplorer while the freshmen discovered their top 5 strengths through CilftonStrengths.  The fifth, sixth, and ninth grade students had class sessions giving them the opportunity to explore their strengths further. It was especially fun to watch the fifth grade students claim strengths they already predicted they had, and to validate those strengths in one another.  While this quarter we are unable to meet in our Falcon Families for more strengths activities, classrooms are taking time on September 18 to review and explore individual strengths.

“What would our community look like if everyone identified their strengths, developed their strengths, and had opportunities to use their strengths every day?” This year the Freeman Strengths team is hosting monthly Community Strengths sessions.  These sessions are about an hour long and are a chance for parents and community members to learn about CliftonStrengths.  In August we had an overview of CliftonStrengths and in September we learned how our talents become our strengths. You do not need to be present at every session. Our next session will be October 29.  For further information, contact Tony Jensen or Teri Nieveen.  Also, check out social media using #freemanfalcons to follow us.